Game - School of Empathy

One the two eConfidence games entitled School of Empathy is a game created to encourage positive behavioural change facing bullying situations.

School of Empathy was developed by ITCL (eConfidence project coordinator) with research and communication support from the other project partners, gathers different situations recreating moments in which game players can experience actions of harassment in the school environment.

School of Empathy addresses the following aspects:

  • Improved adequate assertive and empathic behaviour in potential bullying contexts.
  • Observed decreasing on hostile or by-standing behaviour.
  • Increased acceptance of differences and non-hostility towards colleagues
  • Increased awareness of the impact of one actions over others and cooperative behaviour.
  • Incorporation of reproval of anti-social behaviour at individual and group-level. 

The game presents three modes in which the user can play: victim, bully and observer. In the development of this game there are different situations to solve that make it easier for the user to put on the role of all the figures. The player, through dialogues and different dynamics in the form of mini games, "interprets" the different characters that can be immersed in a situation of these characteristics. The ultimate goal is that young people who try this game really know what happens when situations of Bullying occur, learn to detect them and help solve them.

The game has been made available for the 10 schools in the eConfidence pilot tests, in the experimental stage for the pupils participating. Following the completion of the pilot tests and upcoming project research results, more information on the game will be made available on the eConfidence website