Games - Go Online

One the two eConfidence games entitled Go Online is a game made to encourage positive behavioural change in the area of safe use of the internet.

In cooperation with eConfidence partners, Nurogames researched, selected and developed ideas of topics relevant to be included in the game. With support from project coordinator, ITCL, a suitable graphical style for the target audience was determined.

Go Online addresses the following aspects:

  • Increased awareness of consequences and of interacting in a social online environment.
  • Sense of privacy, avoidance of harassment or support of improper/anti-social behaviour.
  • Self-awareness of his/her "virtual self" and implications and importance of concepts such as anonymity, libel, right-to-be-forgotten.
  • Incorporation of safe behaviour when using an internet-enabled device: knowledge of risky behaviour and common strategies of social engineering.
  • Self-monitoring of excessive or improper usage of Internet.
  • Increased awareness of the importance to use internet and its facilities as a communication, research and empowering tool, but not as replacement to real-world interactions and activities. 


In terms of structure, Go Online consists of five mini-games portraying the situations and topics of safe usage of internet when a teenager is preparing an upcoming birthday party and in discussion with the parent encounters various questions and matters related to the safe use of internet. The mini-games are enclosed by a story in which the player moves around in a household environment familiar to every student. The household environment was chosen to immerse the player into the game and to facilitate the transfer of in-game behavior into the real world.

The game has been made available for the 10 schools in the eConfidence pilot tests, in the experimental stage for the pupils participating. Following the completion of the pilot tests and upcoming project research results, more information on the game will be made available on the eConfidence website