How can games be taken seriously? eConfidence presented during Science Projects Workshops!


From controversy to inventiveness, gaming has been picking upon the attention of teachers for quite some time especially when referring to integrating it into the classroom.

The utility of gaming in the classroom is questioned, especially as not all games appear to have a clear educational purpose that can support the lesson plan already existing. However, current educational opportunities show that serious games can actually provide a series of answers and tools for a more motivating and fun learning experience.

Against this background, eConfidence hosted a workshop at the 19th and 20th Science Projects Workshops that took place in Brussels on February and March 2018.

Both workshops took place at the Future Classroom Lab of European Schoolnet and welcomed teachers, head teachers and ICT advisers to experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches within flexible learning environments.

The eConfidence workshop was attended by 20-30 teachers from across Europe. The workshop started with an introduction to gaming and with discussion with teachers about their concerns linked to gaming controversies and disadvantages of being used in the classroom. eConfidence representatives presented the educational advantages of serious games, and worked in groups to encourage teachers to find interactive and innovative ways of including pedagogical gaming activities in the classroom.

eConfidence was presented as an ongoing project working on the positive aspect of integrating serious games in the lesson plan, with the aim of analysing how confidence in behaviour changes through serious games.

Teachers were enthusiastic about the presented ideas and looked forward to receiving more information on the eConfidence project and research developments, in order to learn how they can use such innovative methods in their classrooms.

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