eConfidence serious game presented at Eskola Digitala


On 21 and 22 February 2018, our partner Everis, had the opportunity to showcase eConfidence, at the Eskola Digitala project meeting in Bilbao, Spain.

HEIZE (BIHE-SAREAN) federation and the EHIGE confederations, created to help digitize the Basque public school, are an important aspect of ESKOLA DIGITALA project. Their aim is to be a meeting point for people in charge of education, leadership teams, ICT activators, parents, consultants, and companies in order to guarantee sustainability and viability of digital development of public schools.

Everis highlighted the design of the eConfidence serious game, activity theory based model, behavioural change and other research components of eConfidence. You can find the presentation available here.

For more information about Eskola Digitala, check their website here. To read more about our project partner Everis, check their website here.