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How can you use serious games as educational resources providing an interactive and innovative way of learning for pupils? The eConfidence project experts are organising Continuous Professional Development activities on these topics, for schools and education professionals, in collaboration with the eTwinning initiative.

On 3 July, the activities will open with an Online Seminar on ‘Gaming: from controversy to inventiveness' (6PM CEST). The aims of the online seminar are to raise awareness about the usefulness of serious games as educational resources, using a variety of sources and approaches, including the experience of the eConfidence project and its serious games on bullying and safe use of the internet.

The topic will be further developed in the fall, in a Learning Event with the same title, 24 September - 12 October. The learning event is a full online course, organized across three weeks, and it will introduce the concept of serious games used in the classroom, aiming to debunk some myths around, showing, with practical classroom examples, how well-designed games can have a positive impact on pupils' behavior. The results of the eConfidence project and pilot tests in schools in Ireland, Malta, Spain and the UK will be used to show how games can engage students in skills development, support teachers to incorporate games into informal and formal learning, and contribute to social inclusion.

These professional development activities can be of interest for primary and secondary school teachers, vocational education teachers, head of schools, schools counsellors and mentors.

You can also join our TweetChat for schools and educators, on 4 July at 6PM CEST on ‘Gaming and schools: learning, social inclusion and co-creation'. The chat is about 1 hour. To participate in the chat to share your ideas and experience about this topic, search for the hashtags #eConfidence_eu and #educationalgames, follow the flow of questions and the hashtags to Tweet your answers.

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Join us and get to learn from the eConfidence project partners about the educational values of serious games and best practices from recently completed pilot tests!