Talking about serious games with European teachers



45 teachers from 13 European countries traveled to Brussels to work together at the beginning of November and learn about digital skills and online safety in a 5 days Digital Citizenship Training course at the Future Classroom Lab, European Schoolnet.

Being one of the eConfidence partners, European Schoolnet was happy to have one of the team representatives held a working session on the use of serious games in the classroom.

Starting with an interactive discussion finding pros and cons for using serious games in the classroom, we found out that while many teachers attending were familiar with the use and usefulness of serious games in the classroom, there is still a certain degree of uncertainty from parents, carers, teachers and even pupils to use serious games in the classroom.

Against this background, teachers worked together in groups to have a creative game scenario to be played at school, involving the use of technology by giving roles and responsibilities to their pupils.

eConfidence methodology and pilot actions were also presented, and all attendees were keen to find out more about the serious games on safe use of internet and bullying developments and how they can influence positively behavioural changes for children and young people.

For more information, check also the Future Classroom Lab post and messages on Twitter.  

Editor: European Schoolnet