Instituto Tecnologico de Castilla y León (ITCL)

Spain -  [project coordinator]

The Technological Institute of Castilla y León (ITCL) is a private non-profit foundation, established in 1989 that aims to promote and facilitate the use of technology as a competitive tool for business, with a commitment to integration in the science-technology-company-society. ITCL develops the strategies needed to achieve effective dissemination and exploitation of the results of its R&D, facilitating the transfer of technology to domestic firms, especially SMEs. The research area leading this project is the simulation and virtual reality area, which develops research and innovation projects within the field of graphical computer science of simulation, and virtual reality.

In this field, the following technologies are comprehended:

  • High Performance Simulator Design: Virtual training for military and risk environments, machine handling and driving of special vehicles.
  • Interactive / 3D industrial maintenance manuals and product manuals.
  • Virtual Reality (RV) / Augmented Reality (RA) for heritage, trade, tourism and museums: Virtual tours, interactive systems for visitors / clients.
  • RV / RA for training: Educational video games, Serious Games, courses, interactive support tools for the disabled.
  • Artificial vision: Advanced recognition algorithms: Detection of defects in parts, classification, monitoring and biometry, facial reconstruction, 3D model capture, Indoor Tracking and environmental recognition, visual odometry.

European Schoolnet


European Schoolnet is the network of 31 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a not-for-profit organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners. 

Since its founding in 1997, European Schoolnet has used its links with education ministries to help schools make effective use of educational technologies, equipping both teachers and pupils with the skills to achieve in the knowledge society.

European Schoolnet provides both Ministries and schools with: information and services relating to the innovative use of educational technology; outreach campaigns on specific educational topics such as maths, science and technology; and research activities.



Everis is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services. Established in 1996, everis has averaged 20% annual growth in revenues and became part of NTT Data in January, 2014. 

everis has already cooperated in several European funded projects (V-Chain, iDetecT4ALL, INFRA, REACT, COM2REACT, GPM, X-MOB, Ecosell, M-to-Guide, OPTIMI, SafeCity, CROSS, INSEC, ARGOS, District of Future, Multisensor, RRI, BaaS, CaaS, POLYCARE, DREEM, Echobutler, Hearten) undertaking a wide range of activities such as industry reports and surveys, business plans, commercialization programs, integration developments and coordination management.

The everis Education business line offers several solutions and services for K-12 education: Xtend, a social learning environment and educaGen, a learning analytics solution. Xtend is a social learning environment addressed to schools where student's active participation is encouraged. The three foundations of the product are: customized learning platform, open-source content and teacher social web. educaGen collects activity and interaction data of students and teachers and uses them as the basis for presentation on a dashboard that allows decision making regarding the prediction, intervention, personalization and customization of teaching.



Nurogames GmbH, Cologne/Germany is an independent games development company, founded in early 2006 by practised experts of the games and media industry. Next to our head office in Cologne we maintain representative offices in Barcelona and Berlin. Since April 2011, the Berlin-based lbxgames GmbH and lieblinx GmbH are a part of the company and form a strong strategic alliance.

Nurogames covers a wide range of work experience, comprising high-skill development for mobile and cross-platform games, leisure applications being our main field of activity. Another focus of the company is placed on the development of games for Xbox 360 (Kinect), Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Furthermore we develop mobile games / applications and social games.

The mobile division is specializing in the development, production and marketing of mobile applications for iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet as well as contents, ranging from innovative applications like games, active screens, instant messaging etc. to pod-cast solutions. Currently developments have been ordered for iPhone/iPad touch platforms and Android applications as application for other application stores as well (Windows Marketplace, Mac App Store, etc.).

Further working fields include the development of web-based e-learning games and game based e learning evolutions as well as the realization of online and browser games for an international market.

By participating in multiple research projects on a national and international level, Nurogames ensure the long-term orientation and the knowledge of state-of-the art technologies. The Team of Nurogames has got many years of experience in research projects of the BMBF and the European Union. They include such projects as SmartGaming, Gerigames, SeaClouds, SpITKom, SPIELBAR, MMOBG Development MEDIA.

University of Salamanca


The University of Salamanca (USAL) is one of the oldest universities in Europe, it will celebrate its eighth centennial. It has a relevant cultural heritage in the shape of historic buildings and emblematic spaces that are still active. There are noteworthy examples, such as the "Escuelas Mayores" building, with its Plateresque façade, which houses the General Historic Library with its 2774 manuscripts, 483 incunabula and roughly 62000 volumes printed between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Currently, the USAL offers a wide array of official Degrees (, imparted in the campuses of Salamanca, Ávila, Zamora and Béjar, which respond to the general training needs demanded by the labour market. It also offers 83 university Master's Degrees ( and 40 doctoral programmes ( in all five branches of knowledge: Science, Health, Art and humanities, Social and legal sciences, and Architecture and engineering. Additionally, it imparts a great number of USAL-specific qualifications for professional specialisation (

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Croatia (FFRI), is University of Rijeka's (UNIRI) constituent. It provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. The faculty offers single and double study programmes and carries out four doctoral study programmes.

The entire educational and research work at the FFRI is organized within the 11 departments. FFRI also contains laboratories and different centers. The core mission of FFRI is providing a higher education throughout three integrated main areas: teaching, research and professional work.

A strong cooperation with institutions within local, regional and international levels, and excellent results in education and research give the Faculty a high level of credibility and visibility in the national and regional area. With the aim of internationalization of Faculty's research capacities and teaching and research mobility Faculty is trying to contribute to enhanced education and scientific research.