In this section, public deliverables and resources created within the eConfidence project will be displayed. 

Project deliverables and reports

D2.1 – Information dossier on researched topics and indicators to assess the educational possibilities of videogames

This report includes a study on psychological and educational effect of videogames, in relation with bullying and safe use of the internet, and a set of guidelines for interventions and games design, which are the base for the game scenarios.

A summary of the report will be available in summer 2017.

D2.2 – Information dossier on measurement instruments for the pilot test

The document is the conceptual and operational description of variables that will be assessed both prior (pre-test), during gaming (experimental treatment) and after the gaming experience (post-test), for the topics of safe use of the internet and bullying.

A summary of the report is available here

The full document will be available in Spring 2018.

D7.2 Dissemination plan

This plan presents general objectives, target audiences and messages, strategies, processes and tools to promote and disseminate the project and its output. The general structure of the document follows the typical communications workflow: from setting up objectives and defining target audiences, to specific communication tools, timelines and evaluation.

D7.3 – Website

This document outlines the project website design, including scope and objectives, visual identity, structure and content management.

Other resources

Educational benefits of eConfidence serious games

This educational brief outlined the concept of serious games and how they can support learning, with a focus on the two project's topics: bullying and safe use of the internet.

Download educational brief - PDF  

Xtend platform

Social learning environment – by Everis - Download presentation - PDF  

Dissemination materials

Leaflet and posters coming soon! 

Papers and publications

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