My name is Pilar García Madruga and I'm principal and teacher of Biology and Geology in the Secondary School Parque Goya, Spain, a very dynamic and bilingual school.

Our training coordinator and the Orientation Department informed us about the eConfidence project. We thought that it would fit well with our teaching and learning model since we were already using several gamification platforms in the classroom like Kahoot, but we had not used any serious game during the training of students.

For our school it has been a good opportunity to participate in the pilot sessions of a European project. The active participation of our students helped them understand in first-hand how this type of initiatives are carried out. Besides, they have used serious games that require the use of "role-playing" methodologies that improve the self-confidence and empathy of the students.

As training tools it might be a good idea to use this type of games in the tutoring classes or during the training of student assistants. However what could be improved is that the number of hours needed to complete the games should be included in the lesson plans. Overall, it has been a good well received experiencer by the students of the school, despite the criticism of some of our students about the games.