eConfidence Results on the International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development


The results of eConfidence project were presented at the 6th International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development, organised by the University of Granada and the University of Minho.

Considering the results of the eConfidence project, a communication was presented at this Congress tackling the "Safe use of Internet in Spanish adolescents", signed by Sonia Casillas Martin, Marcos Cabezas González and Ana García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso (representatives of the University of Salamanca and eConfidence partners) and presented by Professor Sonia Casillas.

The Congress that took place on 21-23 June, in Setúbal (Portugal), brought together researchers and professionals in Psychology, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy, Social Education, Social Work, Sociology and Teaching. Participants discussed theoretical and practical knowledge in the scientific environment on subject areas such as education, technology, personal and educational orientation, social pedagogy, psychology of the education, instructional psychology, educational systematisation and innovation, etc.

The scientific program was developed through different conferences, roundtables, invited symposiums, oral and written communications, in which expert speakers from different parts of the world participated such as the United States of America, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Chile and others.

All communications presented at the conference are available here in Spanish.

For more information on the Congress, check the website.